Y’all. I am SO excited to welcome you to StacyToth.com! I, Stacy – with a little bit of Matt’s help – have built the entire website. It has truly been a vision of mine for over a year. And, an incredibly fulfilling journey to see it come to fruition with hope of what it can become.

I have heard for over a decade how much people are craving connection with a like-minded community. And, I know how much I thrive when I get to help people tap into their authentic, best selves. In this little spot on the internet, we have a (safe) space to do just that – together.

Through an executive-level 25+ year career, I have had the privilege of access to incredible talent. I was able to leverage as I prepared to bring forth a unique coaching program. I interviewed dozens of professional leaders, incorporated feedback from hundreds of people just like you, and researched countless coaching programs.

What I found has brought forth my little niche on the internet, that I’m calling Breakthrough Coaching. My goal is that you experience one every time you’re here. And I’m just getting started – I have many ideas for the future, too!

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