Book Club

The best part of the community – chatting! Reading was a game-changer in my own journey. The act of just 5 pages a day can have a huge impact on your well being, and it’s only $2 a month (or $20 for the year).

Chime in on either of the books we read each month:

  1. Non-fiction: self help, personal growth, or educational, and
  2. Fiction: always a bit “naughty” whether romantic or in characters that break the mold.

We’ll start a new thread for each book at the start of each month and end the month with a(n optional) Zoom call, which will be recorded in case you cannot attend.

A monthly membership lets you cancel at any time (at the end of the month pre-paid). Or you can save and gift yourself the commitment of a year-long pass for only $20 annually. You will have access to all prior forums, but book club replays of our live meetings are only saved for 30 days, since sometimes we get pretty vulnerable!


Prior book selections: