Breakthrough to (the Real) You Coaching


Breakthrough to (the Real) You: solutions-based, value-led, collaborative, compassionate, inclusive coaching for business and beyond, without the hustle culture bullsh*t.

Say goodbye to the grind and hello to achieving goals efficiently; learn to work smarter, not harder. Lean in to your strengths, let go of what doesn’t serve, and find your true passions.

Maybe you’re not lazy.
Maybe you’re burned out from trying to please everyone (but yourself).
Maybe your goals are really societal expectations, and don’t align with your values.
Maybe you’re not motivated because you spend time on work that isn’t meaningful to you.




🤗 you are feeling stuck.
🤗 you have goals or dreams but the fear of failure is holding you back from trying to pursue them.
🤗 you are ready to let go of shame and embrace your true self.
🤗 you find yourself not making time for yourself.
🤗 you have so many ideas and plans you don’t know where, when, or how to prioritize them.
🤗 you’re a parent, leader, or friend that wants to learn better collaborative problem solving tools.
🤗 you want to consider how your own maladaptive coping skills might be holding you back.
🤗 you are ready to build skills around emotional intelligence, organization, empathy, and efficiency.


💖 clear insight to your own values and dreams, which will drive alignment of your true goals.
💖 collaboration and community to build accountability to implement strategies for yourself.
💖 skills for compassion, empathy, and inclusivity to ensure you are open to possibility and abundantly thinking.
💖 a plan created together towards the value-driven goals to help you practice healthy habits beyond our coaching.
💖 implementation techniques for finding happiness, including the best forms of well deserved self-care.
💖 the strength to identify those falsehoods and negative self-talk your brain tells you.
💖 the bravery and patience to unlearn techniques or ideas that no longer serve you.

If you’re ready to move forward in a positive direction, to do the work, but not sure where to start, then this is for you. Simply show up, and we’ll take it one step at a time from there.


🚫 You are unwilling to have compassion for others.
🚫 You refuse to be open-minded.
🚫 You don’t believe you have anything to improve.


Coaching with Stacy

Stand alone one-on-one (longer) sessions to help you breakthrough to who you want to be, based on your own goals and values. These can be added to a membership or done separately without a program.

Sign-up for the time you’d like here.


All include private forums, resources, monthly meetings or coaching, as follows:

RHINO Monthly Club

For those looking for consistent support with tapping into their authentic self through coaching, learning, growing, accountability, and community building – join the chubby unicorn club! You will receive monthly resources, help from Stacy, additional inspiration and networking activities, and organizational tips for efficiency. New topic monthly, more info here.

Crash Management

A group of rhinoceros are referred to as a “crash”, which is what leading can feel like. This forum is a place where you can collaborate on problem solving while feeling less alone. Stacy will share educational information as well as content, and host a group Zoom, too. More info here.

Book Club

The best part of the community – chatting! Chime in on either of the books we read each month:

  1. Non-fiction: self help, personal growth, or educational, and
  2. Fiction: always a bit “naughty” whether romantic or in characters that break the mold.

We start a new book each month and end the month with a(n optional) Zoom call. More info here.


Learn more about Stacy’s Breakthrough Coaching here:


I’m a certified problem solver, inclusive educator, syndicated podcast host & author of 3 international bestselling books. I’m a Questioner, Challenger, Projector, Advocate, INTJ, and freak in the sheets… spreadsheets! For over a decade I’ve focused on nontoxic living inside & out. I am a licensed treatment resource parent.

I retired from my 20+ year career in Federal Regulation as a Vice President, Compliance Officer, and Small Business Liaison Officer. I was always chasing success. Hitting Director and running my own department before 30, VP by 35 years old. Because my sense of self worth was so distorted, I needed the validation from others to prove I was worthy. I’ve spoken on national conference stages and received countless awards and accolades but it was never enough. Until I was (finally) happy within.

The boring details: Stacy has advocated since 2016, helping to pass FOURTEEN now updated personal care laws. She participated in lobbying which led to the first health protective law for cosmetics change since 1938! She is the highest rank of leadership at Beautycounter with a business averaging annual team sales revenue over $2.5M ($12M to date).

Beautycounter is one element of her at-home business, which became a full-time career in early 2019. As the CEO and COO of RealEverything, she oversees all creative and administrative aspects of the business. In 2021 The Whole View podcast was picked up by Cloud 10 network for iHeartRadio, with nearly half a million dollars in revenue since (and over 9 Million downloads).

Previously, Stacy built government consulting contracts departments from the ground-up; ranging from client-facing program management, mergers & acquisition, and subject matter expert. She has stood up and matured 4 successful contract departments. She has led training and was recognized by industry leaders for prosperous mergers & acquisition activity with quality contracts and attention to detail.

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Learn more about Stacy here.

DISCLAIMER: Coaching is for general educational purposes and is NOT intended to diagnose, advise, or treat any physical or mental illness. All discussion and ideas are solely for the purpose of sharing experience, gaining growth, and offering support through the lens of training and certifications held by Stacy Toth. You must be 18 years old or older to coach with Stacy.