Crash Management

A group of rhinoceros are referred to as a “crash”, which is what leading can feel like. Crash Management is for those leaders who want to collaborate, network, problem solve, and share ideas, all while feeling less alone.

Gandhi’s quote hangs on my wall, “A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have, but how many leaders you create.” I am passionate in my belief that I can only do so much with an individual, but, if I can teach that individual what I know, they can add their own knowledge and experience and carry it forward to even more, even better. And that’s what I’d love to do with you!

It’s especially hard to develop these skills when we are part of marginalized groups because society has told us that we aren’t capable for the whole history of existence. Only recently, most of our mother’s generation, did women even gain access to manage their own money.

This program is structured from the same “mastermind” approach Stacy has taken with her own businesses. There is a private group forum for chatting, Stacy will share educational information and content, and we will come together for a monthly group Zoom.


Example Topics

I am committed to helping you tap into your authentic (best) self. Included in your monthly membership:

  • one live Zoom with the other leaders and Stacy per month
  • forums, group chats and networking with like-minded folks
  • a monthly Breakthrough topic with resources

In prior iterations of this program, we’ve addressed topics such as:

  • Paralyzed by fear
  • Fostering positive relationships
  • Understanding types and impact on leading (Enneagram, Myer’s Briggs, 4 Tendencies)
  • Coaching to different types and needs
  • Meeting the team where they are
  • “Giving birth vs. raising the dead”
  • Customer service and being of service
  • Client appreciation
  • Unraveling toxic positivity
  • Culture, in and out of the office
  • Collaboration techniques
  • Increasing engagement
  • Building leaders
  • Delegating tasks and letting go of control
  • Efficiency tools for virtual business

Stacy is known for her ability to distill complex thoughts into understandable, actionable concepts. While leading these groups she will not only share her own expertise, but also foster conversation in the group(s) to allow greater knowledge to be shared.

Leader of Leaders

Stacy has been a leader of leaders in her career for as long as she can remember. Once called “managing up”, learning to intuit others’ needs and leverage that to determine a solution that both parties find amenable led to a 20+ year executive career in professional negotiation.

Certifications and skills that Stacy brings to this program:

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    not only have I been a PMP, but also created and led multi-day PM workshops numerous times
  • Lean Six Sigma Certified
    as an efficiency expert, I’ll ensure you work smarter not harder
  • Collaborative Problem Solving Certification
    because true leadership is helping all parties feel like they’ve won
  • Licensed as Treatment Foster Parent
    parenting traumatized teens is a lot like disgruntled workers!
  • GMU BA in English with concentration in Cultural Criticism and a Minor in Women’s Studies
    critically examining what plays a role in power dynamics of relationships and culture is key
  • Harvard Business School Certification of Leadership and Management: Power and Influence for Positive Impact (enrolled)
  • Leader of Leaders: spearheaded several mastermind groups, requested on countless task forces, organized development of company-wide training for Project Managers
  • Tops 5+ Years: Top Leader, Top Personal Sales, Top New Volume, and Top Team Builder for 5+ yrs
    Annual revenue of ~$2.5M; totaling $12M in team sales, $5M in personal
  • Top-rated Podcast Host of syndicated The Whole View, on iHeart Radio Cloud10 Network (over 9 million downloads)
  • 20+ Year Career over multi-billion dollar contracts negotiated with the Federal Government as well as numerous M&A transitions and developed Congressional report tool used across Agencies

Core Values & Types:

Authenticity noun: the quality of being real or true
Curiosity noun: an eager wish to know or learn about something
Meaningful Work (through knowledge and justice): doing something that piques our interest and engages our moral compass to provide passion with purpose

A recovering INTJ and classic Enneagram 8, I’ve learned that many of what I considered leadership skills (perfectionism, control, aggressiveness) did not serve me. Through working with others, I learned to see skills I admired and to reframe and adjust my practices to the values that better aligned to who I wanted to be. If I can be a rebel-tendency Challenger and find peace and balance in business, in leading a large team, and in life with four spirited teenagers, I know you can too!

Most true to who I am: I’m a Questioner. And I want to help you question what parts of your leadership style are truly serving you and where you can make adjustments. The goal is to simplify, to reduce how hard you work and to align to efficiency through empowerment and trust.

Read more about my types: questioner with Rebel tendencies, Enneagram 8: The Challenger (counter type), Human Design: Projector, and Myers’ Briggs INTJ here.

Please note: The Crash Management Program is an on-going program community. When you enroll for the year, you will be signed up through the corresponding month in the following year. The full-year payment is non-refundable. It’s a wonderful commitment to yourself to make sustainable change and save money. The monthly option allows you to end your membership following the month already pre-paid.