Join Stacy’s Rhino Club if you’re looking to breakthrough obstacles to the real you, and you’re looking for consistent coaching and a community for accountability. You will receive monthly resources, help from Stacy through the online portal, additional inspiration and networking activities, and organizational tips for efficiency.

I am committed to helping you tap into your authentic (best) self. Included in your monthly membership are:

  • one private one-on-one coaching session with Stacy per month
  • forums, group chats and networking with like-minded folks
  • a monthly Breakthrough topic with resources

I’ll cover a new topic each month to help you dive deep on mastering it. Some example topics include:

  • Compare and Despair
  • Paralyzed by Fear
  • Fostering positive relationships
  • Understanding your type (Enneagram, Myer’s Briggs, 4 Tendencies)
  • Understanding your own needs
  • Meeting yourself where you are
  • How to be of service 
  • Finding purpose
  • Unraveling Toxic Positivity
  • Culture, all around and how it impacts us all
  • Efficiency tools for sustainable living without the burn-out


Why Rhino?

Rhinoceros symbolism is all about breaking through obstacles. They may appear to help you identify and “charge through” these obstacles with the fervor and confidence of a warrior. These difficulties at home or at work can include: fear (of failure), anxiety, depression, trauma, parenting challenges, overwhelm, burnout, frustration, plateau, or any barriers that keep us from being better versions of ourselves. If we want to achieve the goals we set for ourselves, we must move beyond the barrier.

Rhinos, or chubby unicorns as I like to think of them, can help us do just that. They look like ancient warriors clad in armor, ready for battle with a powerful horn. She knows her strength, knows that her power is indeed a force of nature to be reckoned with. When you tap into the raw power of the Rhino, you’re tapping into the strength of all those who have walked the face of the Earth with confidence for millions of years.

The rhino also teaches us about strength. It is not just about being physically and emotionally, and mentally strong. There will be obstacles in life, but if you are strong enough, you will overcome them.

Lastly, the rhino teaches us to be content with ourselves. We do not need anyone else to make us happy. We can find happiness within ourselves. These animals are gentle giants with many lessons about life, love, and nature.

Please note: The RHINO Program  is an on-going program community. When you enroll for the year, you will be signed up through the corresponding month in the following year. The full-year payment is non-refundable. It’s a wonderful commitment to yourself to make sustainable change and save money. The monthly option allows you to end your membership following the month already pre-paid.