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Oh hey, yay - I'm so excited you're here! Sincerely (don't tell anyone else) but empowering leaders is one of my favorite things. Gandhi's quote hangs on my wall, "A sign of a good leader is not how many followers you have, but how many leaders you create." I am passionate in my belief that I can only do so much with individual, but if I can teach that individual what I know, they can add their own knowledge and experience and carry it forward to even more, even better. And that's what I'd love to do with you!

It's especially hard to develop these skills when we are part of marginalized groups because society has told us that we aren't capable for the whole history of existence. Only recently, most of our mother's generation, did women even gain access to manage their own money. And while leading can feel like a train-wreck of a crash sometimes, this group is named accordingly because a group of rhinoceros are referred to as a crash. Crash Management is for those leaders who want to collaborate, network, problem solve, and share ideas, all while feeling less alone.

Breakthrough to the best version of yourself by unlocking the Crash Management membership. This is an act of self care - but also care for those you love dearly - by investing in yourself. I know I'm a better leader, mother, and partner since doing the work we can do together. I say together because I too will benefit from the work we will do!

I am committed to helping you tap into your authentic (best) self. Included in your monthly membership are:

  • one live monthly Zoom with the other leaders and Stacy per month
  • forums, group chats and networking with like-minded folks
  • a monthly Breakthrough topic with resources, such as:
    • Paralyzed by Fear
    • Fostering positive relationships
    • Understanding types and impact on leading (Enneagram, Myer’s Briggs, 4 Tendencies)
    • Coaching to different types and needs
    • Meeting the team where they are
    • “Giving birth vs raising the dead”
    • Customer service and being of service
    • Client appreciation
    • Unraveling Toxic Positivity
    • Culture, in and out of office
    • Collaboration techniques
    • Increasing engagement
    • Building leaders
    • Delegating tasks and letting go of control
    • Efficiency tools for virtual business

And, you'll also automatically get access to our Book Club (a $20 value).

Note: this membership lets you cancel at any time (at the end of the month pre-paid). You will have access to all prior forums, but any live meetings are only saved for 30 days, since sometimes we get pretty vulnerable! The yearly membership allows you to save $29 annually.

The price for membership is $19.00 per Month. Customers in VA will be charged 7% tax.

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